Excellence in Ski racing, Champions in Life


To PROVIDE a fun and safe environment where young athletes can develop their full human and athletic potential through the pursuit of excellence in ski racing by organizing training, hosting events and creating a lifetime of memories.


To BE a preeminent ski club by inspiring excellence in ski racing and creating champions in life.

2019 Winner « ASSQ ski club »



Respect Effort and discipline Sportmanship Transparency Commitment
I respect my colleagues, coaches, parents, equipment, sponsors and the skiing public at all times. I am ALWAYS an ambassador of the CSMT. I have specific and attainable goals for my season, and I do everything to achieve them. My work ethic is beyond reproach. I salute the efforts and performance of my peers, because every effort is important for us all to be successful. I support my teammates in achieving their goals; their success is also mine. By being openminded and team spirited, I promote a winning culture within my group and the CSMT. I communicate any situation that may affect my personal success or that of my team. I am firmly committed to alpine ski racing. Ultimately, my success is in my hands and it is dependent on my effort and attitude.


Respect Effort and discipline Sportmanship Transparency Commitment
I am respectful to athletes and all stakeholders of the CSMT. I deserve respect because of my passion, my expertise and my ability to pass on my knowledge. I am qualified, my training is prepared and I maximize the progression of my athletes with all the tools at my disposal so that they can achieve their goals; to be a good ski coach is very demanding. I salute the progress of all the athletes and I cultivate a community spirit among all the athletes of the club. Alpine ski racing is a team sport with individual performances. I communicate clearly with athletes and stakeholders to maximize their success (ski feedback, logistics, progression, etc.). I am ready to offer the best of myself when I am at the CSMT. I am the architect of the success of the club’s athletes.


Respect Effort and discipline Sportmanship Transparency Commitment
I am aware of my role and I respect the professionals in whom the CSMT has placed its trust. I lead by example for my athlete. I support my athlete so that he can reach his full potential and growth by gaining independence. I positively encourage all athletes; I am an ambassador for CSMT and sport in my community. I manage any issues that I may have directly with the people involved. I share my knowledge of activities and sport with my peers. I recognize that alpine ski racing is dependent on intense stakeholder engagement. I contribute to the best of my abilities to the success of the CSMT (funding, volunteering, board of directors, etc.)

Board of directors

Respect Effort and discipline Sportmanship Transparency Commitment
The Board puts measures and tools in place in order to develop and promote this principle amongst all stakeholders. The Board is conscious of the availability, financial means and efforts of all. Despite its small size, the Board strives to be a model of good governance. The Club is involved and collaborates with other clubs, the DLS and the SQA for the development of the athletes and the sport. The members have unrestricted access to relevant information. The Board will deploy the energy required to ensure the success of the CSMT. The Board has ultimate responsibility for the success and exemplary functioning of the CSMT.


Encourage :
-At the races
-In training
-At home

Support :
-The program

Get involve :
-Volunteering at the races
-Volunteering as a board member

Programs 2022-23

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Extra training


Ski training target

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SQA – Identification criterias

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