Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately no. Parking is limited to staff only.
There are several safe spots to drop off:
  • Chalet des voyageurs (base of Cabriolet)
  • Le Sommet des Neiges for parents who have kids at the club (it’s very busy)
  • Nansen (piste au pont)
  • Behind the Magasin de la Place (under the arch)
  • There are “free” parking areas with free shuttle access to the slopes. There are several “paying parking” options (P1 VIP – Sheraton indoor…).
    At the summit of the gondola unless instructed otherwise.
    They have lunch anytime between 11:00 and 1:00pm, depending on the training schedule.
    The kids eat in the Grand Manitou, usually on the basement level and they are not under the coaches supervision.


    After each use preferably (or 2 ski days depending on usage). Definitely before a race.
    Daniel Lachance, Max Ski Service, Chalet des Voyageurs
    Sportlyzer has all the answers to what type of training is happening per age group daily. Coaches can make requests as well via email to you.
  • They can lock them on the ski racks at the summit or at the base of the gondola.
  • They can ski them to the club and leave them on the outdoor racks (careful – no locking devices)
  • Follow specific instructions from the coach

    The head coach sends all info via the SPORTLYZER APP. Please refer to it as your first source.
    You can also find the complete race calendar for the season and results at the following website :
    At the following website


    Connect to your account, open the assignments tab. Click on 'Positions descriptions' (top right) for more details
    Once the platform is available for assignments selection, connect to your account. Open the assignments tab, select your assignments.
    The person responsible for your section, will write to you with instruction
    Yes, there is no lunch provided by the club.


    The coaches have been asked to produce a written report 3 times a season for each athlete, for you to take home.
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